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Requiem for My Country

A poem written in response to the confirmation of Justice Brett Kavanaugh. His political and judicial philosophy, along with that of his conservative colleagues, undermines the rights and freedoms the Founders fought for.

Requiem for My Country

I see:

Valley Forge On stark blanched snow Scarlet footprints Pumped from the defiant heart of a Nation.

Which, ALONE "holds these truths to be self-evident"

An airless room in Philadelphia Where great-souled men Formed a New Creation; Unique in the World, Government For "We, the People." And Franklin saw the Rising Sun On a chair

Gettysburg Littered with bloated stinking Dead men "A new birth of freedom." From the corpses of thousands Who "died to make men free."

At the Memorial of that Great Man Countless millions galvanized By the explosive vision Of the Southern preacher And a woman with a Powerful voice Who drew forth The transforming Music Of "The Dream"

A Senate chamber Another woman With a powerful voice Head held high Swallowing black bile Words, Trembling on her lips

The Truth, a Weapon, Powerful enough If HEARD To crumble countless fortresses Of lies. And stifling chambers of silence

But her words fell Harmless On impenetrable walls Sheltering the Powers Washington and Lincoln Defeated.

And looking past that room. I see

Wavering through hot tears In the ghostly reflection of Franklin's chair-- In the creeping blackness In the East-- Not a Rising, but a Setting Sun


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