I'm a civil rights attorney, who's been handling the full spectrum of discrimination cases throughout my career.  And I've been closely involved in political advocacy and educating the public on religious liberty issues.  I've always been a passionate advocate for civil rights, human rights and social justice. 


I'm also a committed Christian.  In the current US political environment, it appears that in public discourse, I am a walking oxymoron.  In current political parlance, the word Christian is NOT associated with justice or tolerance or compassion or freedom of choice.  I think that needs to change, and I'm doing my best to assist that process.  


  The Bible is all about social justice and responsibility to care for all people.  It is also about individual freedom.  

This blog operates at the intersection of politics and government, the law, and religion.  It is intended to engage with contemporary issues involving civil rights, human rights and religious freedom from a perspective that is theologically conservative but socially liberal.  It seems to me that this is a lonely piece of real estate in the current political environment.   So I decided to stake it out.  Hence my blog title.  


  I would love to have your feedback, comments, and suggestions for future blog topics.  

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