December 26, 2019

I’ve been thinking a lot about neighbors lately.  Although I have yet to see either “Won’t You be My Neighbor?” or “A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood,” (the documentary and feature film featuring Mister Rogers, respectively), he’s been in news persistently over the l...

October 28, 2019

The events of the past couple of weeks have emphasized in a new way how much we as Americans owe our everyday heroes--the loyal public servants who, mostly without applause or recognition, run the business of our government and create and maintain a stable and function...

October 4, 2019

Today, many people see Jesus as a sort of fossilized embodiment of ideal virtue--a conservative trying to return the wayward to "traditional values."  But the people of First Century Judea would not even recognize that portrait.  In fact, they would probably have laugh...

September 11, 2019

(I wrote this essay within days of the 9/11 tragedy.  I'm sharing it again as a memorial and also because I think its message is at least as timely and urgent as it was then.  The biggest change since then is that, tragically,  love is no longer winning. )


August 26, 2019

Mike Huckabee thinks he has a solution for the mass shooting problem. 

"I would posit that the lack of thought and prayers is probably the single biggest factor in what is behind them," Huckabee wrote.  He also wrote that mass shootings will never stop until "kids are...

July 18, 2019

It's shocking to me that this commentary is even necessary.  But apparently there are some people who still question whether Trump's recent disgusting tweets about the four Congresswomen are really racist.  So, if you have the tiniest lingering doubt, let me confirm fo...

July 9, 2019

Unless you've been living under a rock the past few weeks, you've heard about the sickening conditions migrant children are being subjected to in the government detention centers.  So there's no need for me to go into all the painful details.  A few highlights should s...

June 10, 2019

Photo by Drew Rae from Pexels 

In the past few weeks I have had more than one person respond to my Facebook posts with some variation of the following sentiment. 

"Why should we care if children are placed in cages and shot in schools?

Why should we care if Christians...

May 24, 2019

If you were an immigrant, forced to leave your home,

"[W]ould you be pleased
To find a nation of such barbarous temper,
That...[w]ould not afford you an abode on earth...,
Spurn you like dogs, and like as if that God
Owed not nor made not you, nor that the elements

May 2, 2019

Today, instead of writing a blog, I'm sharing something shared with me by a friend.  There is nothing I can say that Shakespeare has not said so much better.  Moving, powerful, deeply human, deeply true.  It requires no commentary. 

I recommend the video,...

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